Our space is designed for your golf success

Bring Your A-Game at Swing Space

From professional experts to advanced golf simulators, Swing Space has everything you need to transform your golfing experience and set you up for success.

Expert Guidance With Stephen Lynn Golf Performance

Receive personalized coaching and performance analysis to refine your skills and master the game in no time.

Our Pricing

Hourly Rates

Ongoing Player Development: $500/month

This is great for golf lovers who are always looking to get better at their game.

New Player Development: $300/Month

Completely new to the game? Learn the ropes of golfing within a few weeks.

Custom Pricing

For larger groups and clinics, contact us.

Refine Your Golf Game With the Trackman App

Perfect your game with Trackman at Swing Space: Get real-time tips and play iconic courses, rain or shine.

Enhanced Precision

Analyze every aspect of your swing with unmatched accuracy and get real-time insights so you can improve your game right away.

Virtual Course Immersion

Play iconic courses from around the world in a lifelike virtual setting. No need to travel – experience the best courses right here at Swing Space.


Game for an Extraordinary Indoor Golfing? Play with us to level up your skills, challenge yourself, and share the joy of golf with us