Experience Golf All-Year Round with the Swing Space Crew

Why Swing Space?

Equipped with cutting-edge golf simulators, Swing Space lets you play renowned courses with stunning accuracy. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner finding your footing, our simulators provide a realistic, immersive experience tailored to all skill levels.

Professional instructors are ready for personalized, one-on-one lessons to bring out your potential. Check out the courses available on Trackman, although not all may be offered at Swing Space.

Meet the Team

James Polley

Majority Owner

Passionate about golf and technology, James Polley is the driving force behind Swing Space. From creating a personal indoor simulator in his garage to turning the dream into reality, James brings his dedication and love for the game to every aspect of Swing Space.

Brian Minier

Minority Owner

Brian Minier, a business owner with a passion for sports, eagerly supported Swing Space’s vision from the start. His unique golf style, sans gloves, adds a touch of individuality. Brian’s commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with Swing Space’s mission.

Noah Glenn

General Manager

With a family deeply serious about golf, Noah Glenn inherited a love for the sport. As the general manager, he leads the team in providing you with a high-tech, data-driven golf experience that promises to improve your play.

Greg Low


Inspired by James’ passion, Greg Low jumped on board early to contribute his support. Witnessing the idea transform into reality, Greg’s excitement continues to grow, as he remains dedicated to helping Swing Space thrive.

Ready to Golf?

Accessible and enjoyable for everyone, Swing Space offers competitive pricing and flexible booking options. Whether it’s an hour, a day, or a whole weekend of golfing, we’ve got you covered!